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Exterior Doors

It is a well known fact that a front door will lead to the first impression of a house. So what is your house saying? Is your front door tired and dated? Is it drafty and deteriorating? If you are ready for an updated look to your house with great energy efficiency then we have the doors for you. Did you know that by replacing your outdated door with a new door system can add much as $24,000 to the perceived value of your house? With our tremendous selection of styles, sizes and configurations we are sure that we can find the door that is right for your home.

Set yourself apart from your neighbors with a beautiful new fiberglass door. Wood textured fiberglass doors have the appearance of a wood door and can either be stained or painted. Smooth textured fiberglass doors are the perfect solution if you only want to paint your door. Fiberglass doors are highly energy efficient doors with little to no matainence at all. Fiberglass doors offer warranties against warping, splitting, cracking, rotting, denting, dinging or rusting. A stained fiberglass door is only stained once in its lifetime and there is no stripping and refinishing EVER! Some fiberglass doors even offer a lifetime guarantee! Fiberglass doors offer a wide range of glass styles and designs. Check out some of the door manufacturer links listed below to see what style fits you.

A classic wood door will complement your house with distinct character of that only a wood door can achieve. A standard exterior wood door will come in Douglas fir but can be custom made in most all popular wood species available today. Wood doors also offer many glass styles to choose from and the ability for custom sizing.

Steel exterior doors are an inexpensive solution to exterior doors. Our 24 gauge steel doors are stronger than the traditional “Construction” grade door and also come in a variety of styles with many glass options to choose from.

Interior Doors

For interior doors we offer paint grade and stain grade doors. The basic hollow core and solid core moulded wood fiber doors are a cost effective way to drastically change the entire look of the interior of your house. Hollow core and solid core interior doors come in both contemporary and traditional and have more than 15 door styles to choose from.

We also offer wood interior doors in a variety of styles. Wood interior doors also come in a standard stain grade Douglas fir but can come in a variety of different species.

To complete you door installation we can also provide trim and moulding for your job. We stock the most popular primed and hemlock interior trim with many other profiles available to order with delivery within a few days.

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